Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Sights: The Luna Moth

One of the fun parts of my job is getting emails like a recent one from a colleague, Rob Van Cleef, saying something like, “Hey Dorothy, I’m over at Dan Tymann’s house and we saw a big insect. Do you know what it is?“—followed immediately by an email from Dan with a picture attached. The next day, in conversation with someone else, the same insect came up. "Look," my friend said, showing my a picture on her cell phone, “I found this at my house. What is it? ” 

Delightfully, it was one of my favorite summer sights, and a rare treat: a luna moth. So in case you are out and see a giant moth with light green broad wings, and wonder—here’s a tidbit of entomological lore:


Friday, June 21, 2013

Partners in Comedy: Gordon Alumni Win Big at Boston's 48 Hour Film Festival

Intentional team building can sometimes bond coworkers. But sometimes, it subjects hopeless employees to the cruelty of an authoritarian boss, and results in untimely asphyxiation.

This is the spin web comedy enthusiasts Brainfox—a troupe composed of Gordon College Theatre Arts alumni Audrey Johnson ’05, Jill Rogati ’07 and Brett Johnson ’07— brought to an all-too-familiar workplace exercise when they teamed up with In the Car—a video production team founded by Communication Arts alumni Dan Stevens ’07 and Dave Ells ’07—in early June to produce a short film for Boston’s 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP). In the 48HFP, video production teams are given 48 hours to write, direct, shoot, produce and screen a short film. The five-minute Brainfox/In the Car collaboration, All For Knot, won Best Film—plus awards for best directing, editing, acting ensemble, and best use of the prop, “net.” The crew, composed mostly of Gordon graduates, premiered the video at the Kendall Square Cinema and beat out 80 other teams to win the award.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beyond the Big Screen: Two Gordon Alumni Journey into the Film World

Show Business. The term alone brings thoughts of starving actors grappling at any opportunity to make ends meet. It is no easy world to tap into, especially while staying true to one’s own values. So how can recent Gordon grads pursue their dreams of filmmaking and acting in such a demanding, fast-paced industry? Is there hope?

Matt Levy ’12 and Jeff Ryan ’12 have spent the last few years developing the skills to “make it” in film. Matt aspires to be a director and Jeff an actor. Both were film buffs while at Gordon, taking film production classes and spending their free time making short films with friends. Jeff was a member of the Sweaty-Toothed Madmen and has always loved performing. He co-authored a feature-length script earlier this year with communications arts professor Toddy Burton. Both men had the skills, but lacked the opportunity. Until now.


Monday, June 3, 2013

The Trinity Forum Comes to Gordon College

By Dave Hicks ’14

The week of finals is always frantic. For all levels of the institution, it means the tying up of loose ends, the meeting of a variety of deadlines. The temptation is to keel over, shut off your mind, and auto-pilot through the whole thing. The key is to not do that. 

I spent this past year of college—my junior year—as an expatriate studying English and history at Oxford University. When I arrived back to Gordon’s campus in late April, I began logging hours in the President’s Office in preparation for the work I will be doing during my upcoming senior year as part of the Gordon Presidential Fellows program. So for all intents and purpose, I was not a student during finals week this year. I was an employee of the administration—feeling the pressure of ending another year in a new, but equally hectic, way. Fortunately, this year I was given the opportunity to actively hedge against the auto-pilot impulse, joining a small group of my classmates, including the current and upcoming Presidential Fellows, on a beautiful Thursday afternoon for the first Trinity Forum hosted at Gordon.