Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Faithful Leadership in Today's World

There are millions of leaders in the world. They are a people with power, presence and reputation. But faithful leadership is rare—a radical idea that power is not just a possession or tool but a privilege. Faithful leadership requires selflessness and humility and must be used responsibly to inspire a new generation of leaders.

Recently Gordon honored some faithful leaders at the annual Celebration of Leadership. The Loring and Patton families each exemplify faithful leadership in their everyday lives through their legacy of philanthropy and service in Greater Boston along with significant contributions to social service organizations, education, and important causes. It is this kind of unique leadership that called Gordon to honor three members of the Loring family—Caleb Loring Jr., Caleb Loring III and Bronwyn E. Loring ’87—as well as Joanne Holbrook Patton with the College's most prestigious leadership award for public service, the George F. Bennett Leadership Award.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Earth Week: Caring deeply about environmental change

When I was in third grade my school introduced a comprehensive recycling system. Our teachers showed us the new addition to the corner of the classroom--bright plastic blue bins--and explained we'd be the newest partners in waste management for Oscar the Grouch. I remember thinking these new arrow-clad containers took up useful play space and gave us another responsibility to worry about. We knew not what they were for, or why their introduction was necessary, but that day we did our best to separate our recyclables and follow all the right steps. To this third grader, if someone took the time to create them, they must be important, right?

Last week was the 43rd annual Earth Week at Gordon. It was a week that serves to both remind and enlighten students about their responsibility as stewards of creation--how every student not only needs to engage in sustainable practices, but also needs to understand why it is important to do so.