Friday, September 27, 2013

Economics & Business Organization: Career Development by Students

By Sarah Tang '16

“Strategize your success” has become the unstated motto of Gordon’s newly re-established Economics and Business Organization (EBO). The saying, however, is not to be mistaken as an urge solely for Business or Economics majors, emphasized the EBO’s new president, Libby Gronbach ’14. She and her team, working with their faculty advisor, Associate Professor of Business and Economics Alice Tsang, have reorganized this club in order to cater to students of all majors. In doing so they hope to build upon Gordon’s existing career development resources, creating opportunities for students from across academic disciplines to gain real-life professional skills.

In Libby’s words, “Being at Gordon before going out to the real world is a true advantage. Gordon enables us to become ethical workers who are also testimonies of Christ… that is what will truly set us apart.” Libby, Vice President John Buckley ’15, and Head of Logistics Ashley Zavras ’14—all transfer students—were encouraged upon their arrival at Gordon by their faculty’s passion for building up students to become Christian professionals, and they decided to use the EBO as a platform to help broaden that impact even further to benefit their classmates.

In partnership with Career Services and the Business and Economics Department, the EBO will meet every other Wednesday evening to host student workshops focusing on interviews, resume writing and network building, led by the College’s staff and professors along with experienced Boston area professionals. The club will also head to Boston this fall and New York City in the spring to establish further connections, especially with Gordon alumni.

The EBO’s advisor, Professor Tsang, saw the group as a natural outgrowth of Gordon’s Economics and Business Department. “Anytime you have to compete for something, whether it is a seat at a prestigious graduate school or an internship, or job at a reputable firm, you must have solid communication skills, including writing an outstanding resume and presenting yourself well at interviews,” Professor Tsang said, “This is expected of everyone, no matter what your major is.”

Being part of the club is also a great way to build connections within the Gordon community. As Libby puts it, “We don’t know where each person is going to end up, and they could be great connections to have.” 

Ultimately, the restructured EBO was born out of a desire to cultivate career opportunities and share essential professional tools among Gordon students. “I do believe many more Gordon students should take advantage of what the College has to offer to help with their career development. Through its many networking events and training activities, EBO is helping Gordon students learn about the demands or requirements of different professions and be better prepared to meet the challenges of the workplace after their graduation,” said Professor Tsang, concluding that many among Gordon’s faculty and staff are themselves valuable resources of wisdom from whom students can learn a great deal.

Gordon has always committed to sending out students who are committed to excellence all they do, from their intellectual inquiry to their Christian witness; and this year, the Economics and Business Organization has become part of that effort—an ambitious undertaking initiated and coordinated by Gordon students with an eye toward a bright future.

Photo: Gordon's newly revamped Economics and Business Organization helps students from every discipline prepare for careers after college.

Sarah Tang '16 is a sophomore Communication Arts major at Gordon from Hong Kong and a writer in the Office of College Communications. 

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