Monday, January 28, 2013

Fat Dog Shellfish: An Alum's Journey into Sustainable Aquaculture

 By Mac Gostow ’13

Many people think about abandoning their office jobs for a more adventurous life, but few take the steps to make it happen. Jason Baker ’95 is an exception. After 13 years of working out of a Boston-based office, a suggestion from a close friend prompted him to leave his old life behind and found Fat Dog Shellfish, an oyster farm in New Hampshire's Great Bay. With the drive to grow the perfect oyster, and a commitment to promoting an environmentally friendly industry, Jason is putting his Gordon education to use in an interesting, exciting way.

Jason studied biology at Gordon, where he took advantage of the many immersion opportunities offered through his department. “Gordon is where I first cultivated my environmental ethic,” he says. During a summer environmental studies program at the Au Sable Institute in Michigan, Jason's passion for environmentally sustainable practices and industries was solidified.


Friday, January 25, 2013

On View in the Art Gallery: Jay Walker

“What is our relationship with Mystery? Do we ignore, indulge, or succumb to its daily presence in our lives?” – Jay Walker

The Gallery at Barrington Center for the Arts kicked off its spring exhibit schedule this past Saturday with a new show by Philadelphia artist Jay Walker. The exhibit, From my book: Installations by Jay Walker, features large-scale interpretations of the Theotokos figure (the Greek title for Mary, mother of Jesus, especially in eastern Christian traditions), using nothing but tape and cut vinyl. You can view the exhibit in Barrington through February 16, 2013.