Friday, October 26, 2012

Water Sundays 2013

Earlier this year, Kevin Herr ’09, a business administration graduate, shared about his experiences in Haiti as a part of the team at Water Missions International, a Christian engineering ministry that provides access to safe water and the Living Water message to people around the world. He also announced the launch of their Water Sunday initiative. Below he shares an update about all that's been accomplished through WMI since then, and what's in store for the future:

In January, we asked churches across the country to take one Sunday in March to educate their congregations about the global water crisis and to raise funds to provide safe water for people around the world. God moved—32 churches participated, and together we raised over $100,000 to bring safe water to four communities. The people of God responded and lives were changed.

Kimmi Island, in Uganda, is one of those communities impacted. 3,000 people live on Kimmi; the majority of the population is made up of fishermen. The community uses water from the lake for nearly all of its daily needs. Yet drinking this water causes devastating illnesses—typhoid, cholera, bilharzias, stomach pain and diarrhea. These ever-present illnesses affect all aspects of society.

It was wonderful to receive the pictures from the Kimmi’s celebration after the community’s new safe water system was fully installed. Thousands of people were present to participate in boat races, soccer, singing, tug-of-war, ribbon cutting and accompanying speeches. Seeing the faces of the children and knowing that, statistically speaking, by providing safe water you could save some of their lives really touches the heart.

Our vision for the 2013 Water Sunday campaign is for more than 100 churches to participate, providing access to safe water for more than 33,000 people. Churches can join in this effort by giving one Sunday between January and April 2013 to transform lives through safe water. Our desire is for church members to become something more than “transactional givers”—to become passionate participants, transformed by engaging with the call to care for the thirsty (Isaiah 58).

Water Sundays represent the active body of Christ responding to urgent physical needs. In addition, Water Sundays support our mission overseas to offer the living water of Christ to all who thirst spiritually.

To learn more about Water Sunday and to sign up, visit You can follow Water Missions International on Twitter @watermissions, and keep up-to-date on Water Sunday 2013 #WaterSunday.

Photo: Thanks to this past year's Water Sunday initiative, community members in Kimmi, Uganda, can share in safe, abundant drinking water.

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