Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Alumni Filmmakers Create a Buzz

Gordon alumni filmmakers Dan Stevens '07 and David Ells '07 of In The Car have produced videos for ESPN, the BBC and USA Today. Their recent music video, created just before the pop band I Call Fives flew off for the 2012 Van's Warped Tour, was filmed across the North Shore at sites including the Gordon woods, where the plot's main visual narrative takes place.

The video for the band's new single, "Late Nights," was released on MTV's Buzzworthy this morning. Though this is the fourth music video for In The Car, this is the first time their creative work has been featured on the world's largest visual music platform. With many of the local filming taking place in the Boston region, North Shore Magazine also picked up a feature highlighting In The Car's work and the excitement this duo brings to New England's east coast.

Stevens, director for the video, credits advice he's learned over time from Gordon staff even for this particular project. "Whenever we work on a video for Gordon, we work alongside Creative Director Tim Ferguson Sauder," said Stevens. "We love working with Tim. He has great advice and insight. I always make it a point to run my ideas by Tim even when it's not a Gordon project—he definitely had some good advice for this video."

But Ferguson Sauder, who also runs the Return Design program at Gordon and teaches in the Art Department, wasn't the only Gordon connection who helped with creative production. Shaylah Fawn Deviney '10 took the photos that appeared throughout the video, James Lemire '11 and Abi Solberg '11 were production assistants, Meg Stevens '06 was the makeup artist, and Jill Rogati '06 served as the stunt coordinator. Other Gordon alumni who lent a hand included Bekah Jordan '12, Jason Rozen '05, Eve Amendola '05, Jon Chubb '04, and Audrey Claire Johnson '05.

Read the full story on North Shore Magazine, including a timeline of production photography online.

Photo 1: Gordon College alumni Dan Stevens '07 and David Ells '07 of In The Car with I Call Fives band members during production of their latest project. Photo 2: Dan Stevens. Photo 3: Jill Rogati '06 testing stunts while filmmaker David Ells captures the footage. Copyright: Shaylah Fawn Deviney '10.


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Name correction: Abi Solberg, not "Soldberg"

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