Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This Is Different.

It's that time again. Gordon vans are loading up with seven-foot balloons, fancy new t-shirts, face paint, an unprecedented giveaway surplus, and a dedicated brigade of enthusiastic staffers. SoulFest, here we come.

To be sure, the first week in August is a special part of the job for this humble Gordon College writer. In addition to my inner music fan, who not-so-secretly relishes the chance to catch a couple of my favorite acts at the mountainside festival, my more professional side is excited for the opportunity to watch and comment as Gordon College absolutely takes over Gunstock Mountain—and I promise you, we are prepared to top last year. We're excited to be a main stage sponsor this year, but that doesn't mean we're paring down the guerrilla tactics our team perfected last year. There will be games. There will be dancing. There will be street team staffers, garishly garbed, outrageously outfitted, festively festooned, presenting some seriously awesome prizes to grateful young music lovers across the concert campus.