Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gordon’s Goose Continues in 2012

What do humpty dumpty, a tortoise, a fairy-godfather, and a gingerbread man have in common? They're all geese, of course! Perhaps this equation only makes sense in the context of Gordon College’s annual event known as Golden Goose. 

Golden Goose is a non-traditional male talent show put on each spring semester by the Campus Events Council. Three representatives from each class (‘geese’ as they’re often referred to), are voted into the performance by their peers. Originally, Golden Goose began as a “Mr. Gordon” competition in 1999. The event was as a spoof on beauty pageants that included talents, a fashion competition, and a question and answer session.

For the modern day Goose, each class prepares videos, stage acts, and dances to compete against one another for the class title of Golden Goose. The boys begin practicing, recording and anticipating their debut shortly after returning from winter break.

“It’s weird looking back at the first day of dance rehearsal,” said senior goose Jordan Kelly. “I was put in a room with eleven other goofballs who I didn't know at all, but in the end we became really good friends, which made putting on the show so much fun.”

Last Friday evening, the A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel was packed, teeming with excitement, and the boys were better than ever. This year’s geese were Dieter Ekstrom, Ean Mullins, Sam Craig (freshmen), Luke Miller, Franklin Brown, Michael Mann (sophomores), Matt Lane, Dillon Coleman, Taylor Nelson (juniors), Jordan Kelly, Joe Pulaski, and Holland Stewart (seniors). 

“The actual show was a blast,” said senior goose Joe Pulaski. “Seeing all the students get pumped and excited to watch us was awesome. Being in goose was probably the most fun I’ve have had a Gordon.” 

Embracing this year’s fairy tale theme, each boy was given a whimsical character to depict for publicity and movies that tied the show together. Class groups could decide to have three videos and one stage performance, or vise versa. The result was cello performances, lip syncs, intricately choreographed dances, and almost every movie featuring an appearance by President Michael Lindsay, who was also in attendance that night for his very first Golden Goose.

Barry Loy, the vice president of student life, hosted the event. He acknowledged his fear of public speaking, but there was no evidence of it as he charmed the audience with his jokes and puns. “April is a stressful time of year for our community, so it is good to have a time when we can enjoy each other and the entertainment,” said Loy. “The enthusiasm and excitement in the room was energizing, which probably helped me do a better job as MC.” 

Loy was joined by economics professor, Casey Cooper, administrative assistant, Jeremy Depace, and head of women’s ministry, Emily Wymore, who made up the panel of judges. 

In the end, the sophomores took the title of Golden Goose, and the whole audience shared in a uniquely Gordon experience.

“Every class deserved to win,” said sophomore, Luke Miller. “Of course I'm glad it was us, but I don't think people realize how much mental and physical work goes into the show. The real reward was the opportunity to be a goose.” 

Story by Kate Goodale ’12, a Communication Arts major from Connecticut and student writer in the Office of College Communications.

Photo 1: The geese participated in several group dances as a part of last Friday's event.

Photo 2: The line for Golden Goose stretched all the way from the Chapel doors to the quad.

Photo 3: Sophomores Luke Miller, Franklin Brown and Michael Mann hoist their prized golden goose.

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