Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earth Week 2012

It's Earth Week at Gordon College and the student group Advocates for a Sustainable Future (ASF) is working hard to make sure each student has access to opportunities for connecting with nature and God's gift of creation. Events this year feature learning opportunities as well as action events that put hands to work—from cleaning up litter to sinking them in the soil.

One of the highlights of this year's Earth Week is the Sustainable Speaker Series featuring local business owners from CHIVE—a sustainable catering and design company based in Beverly. "I resonated with their vision for placing value on where our food comes from and how the CHIVE philosophy carries that ideal further, considering what happens with our food beyond the harvest," said Lisa Artuso, a political science and international affairs double major from Pennsylvania. "The North Shore is lucky to have a substantial agriculture presence, but sustainability has to be carried out further. CHIVE is a beautiful example of how caring about sustainability can be a part of business and community, and how ethics can be applied to all areas of our lives."

Artuso is also the director of Advocates for a Sustainable Future this year. She credits her family for her first impressions of creation care as well as a course she took her freshman year in college. "I took a course on Crops and Society that really connected the beautiful and delicate balance of the Earth's soil, water, crops and atmosphere. Learning about those processes and how closely knit they are with our human existence–such as social, economic and political issues–brought new understanding to my outlook and call to stewardship."

Other highlights this week feature the documentary film Your Environmental Road Trip; table plantings, where students can plant seeds of Basil, Cilantro and dill and learn how to care for them back in the resident halls; visits from green-industry vendors, service projects, and a panel discussion on "Negotiating the Sustainable Ideal."

Come Earth Day this Sunday, April 22, ASF students will work with recent Gordon grads at the campus garden organizing and planting for this summer harvest.  For a full listing of this week's events, visit the ASF page on the Gordon website.

Photo: Lisa Artuso '12, director of Advocates for a Sustainable Future at Gordon College.

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Anonymous said...

I love it when the "Creator" part of Earth Week is given more attention that the "created" part. Worshiping the creation runs into Scriptural problems.