Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Senator John Kerry: "On Faith"

Monday, March 19, Gordon welcomed John Kerry, Senior Senator from Massachusetts, as the inaugural speaker in the Richard F. Gross Distinguished Lecture Series at Gordon College.

In a public letter to Gordon President Michael Lindsay in honor of his inauguration this past September, the Senator reflected openly on his Catholic faith and its importance in his life. This new lectureship provided a fitting forum for Mr. Kerry, who discussed how his faith impacts his personal and policy decisions. The event closed with a rather candid question-and-answer time between the Senator and President Lindsay, which addressed the Senator's opinions on the KONY2012 campaign, abortion and more.

Named in honor of Gordon’s sixth president—who helped build Gordon’s outstanding academic reputation along with a willingness to keep a thoughtful Christian perspective at the forefront of contemporary cultural issues—the Richard F. Gross Distinguished Lecture Series will feature prominent public officials, scholars and leaders representing a diversity of contemporary perspectives and reasoned discourse. The lecture series is not intended to espouse or endorse a particular speaker's viewpoint or policies; rather, it reflects Gordon’s desire and commitment to engage current national leaders on the relevance of faith in public life.

The next speaker in this lecture series will be Michael Gerson, op-ed columnist for The Washington Post and formerly the chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush.

View the video of Senator Kerry's lecture and conversation with President Lindsay, or read the transcript here.

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