Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Opening Doors for the Next Generation of Scientists

Four high school students from Covenant Christian Academy, a Christian and preparatory preK-12 school in West Peabody, visited the Ken Olsen Science Center Wednesday to perform a molecular biology lab--a requirement for their Advanced Placement biology curriculum. Gordon's science facility is second to none in the region. So when their teacher Kelly Story '88 contacted science faculty at Gordon, the College opened the labs for the student research.

The students were given access to Gordon's biotechnology equipment. During the lab, they transformed some E. coli bacteria to make it antibiotic resistant; created DNA fragments using restriction enzymes; and studied the fragments using gel electrophoresis and a fluorescent dye.

Photo: Area high school students from Covenant Christian Academy discovered a few exciting living and preserved animal specimens while in the Ken Olsen Science Science this week. . . including a cougar!

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