Friday, January 6, 2012

A Really BIG Move

A sea of red plastic moving bins were spotted in academic buildings on campus this week as faculty from two departments began their move to a new wing of office space on the third floor of the Ken Olsen Science Center.

The new wing now hosts faculty offices for the Department of Psychology and the Department of Kinesiology. Also opening this week is the new Psychology Observation Laboratory, which will serve as a space for the Counseling course and for small-class lectures and seminars. For faculty member Kaye Cook, professor of psychology, settling in the new space entails moving 33-years of scholarly work. Cook has spent just over two decades in an small office stacked with books and journals on the third floor of Frost Hall. For 21 years the office served as the writing space where Cook authored two books, contributed two chapters, ran four grants, wrote 27 scholarly papers, prepared countless presentations, and advised several hundreds students. “During that time, I acquired more great memories than books, and I’ve got a lot of books!”

Also moving this week are faculty from the Kinesiology Department. In a department that hosts 6 concentrations within health professions, the move is a big step in fostering a more centralized community for their students. “With offices and labs in the Jenks building, Kinesiology was somewhat fractured from the Natural Science Division,” said Sean Clark, associate professor of Kinesiology. “Faculty and students in Kinesiology missed out on the day-to-day interactions and conversations that characterize community within academia.” The move to the third floor of the Ken Olson Science Center will now connect the Department of Kinesiology with colleagues and students in the Division of Natural Sciences, as well as psychology. Clark, who serves as department chair, hopes the move will “provide for broader and better communication within the Division and expand on ideas for interdisciplinary connections.”

Though the new wing is open and faculty are starting to prepare their offices for the start of the spring semester, the Ken Olsen Science Center still has additional construction before the building is complete, including a botanical studies green house, a bioenergetics lab, a biomechanics lab and a neuromotor control lab.

Photo 1: Professor Cook unpacks books in her new office in the Ken Olsen Science Center. Photo 2: movers in Frost Hall carry thousands of papers, files and books to the new suite of faculty offices.

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