Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Sport in America: Courage, Integrity, Fair Play"

Thomas Lake '01 is the youngest senior writer at Sports Illustrated--A weekly magazine with a circulation of three million. Last week's issue of Sports Illustrated featured a series of writer reflections, showing the personal side of sport and how many SI writers came to love following the game. The reflections made last week's cover story, "Sport in America: Courage, Integrity, Fair Play. How We Define Ourselves in Our Games," in an article spotlight called "In My Tribe."

Lake, a Sports Illustrated senior writer for six years, begins with memories of his youth--evenings clinging to a small radio listening to broadcasts of the Atlanta Braves, and a very personal moment of his first college basketball tryout when he became a student at Gordon College.
Lake wraps these moments together and concludes with thoughts on sport and the impact on today's youth. "Children think about courage and failure all the time, and sports help them with both. . . . Sometimes the things that are hardest are the most intimate."

To read this Sports Illustrated feature article, visit SI.com or pick up a copy of the November 28, 2011 issue on newsstands. To learn more about Gordon graduate Tom Lake, watch a video highlighting Lakes' recent Chapel address while visiting campus.

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