Friday, November 11, 2011

Nick Fitzgerald '11 to Serve Teenagers in Ipswich, Mass.

by Jane Dooley, Wicked Local: Ipswich

"Hanging out with friends instead of an annoying sibling or even worse—mom and dad—is a rite of passage for kids in their early and mid teens.

But finding a safe place in Ipswich to hang with those friends has proven tough. Needing some independence, but too young to drive or have a job, and too old for daycare programs, Ipswich kids in their early and mid teens have often been left to fend for themselves.

Until now.

Nick Fitzgerald '11, new teen director at the Ipswich YMCA, is meeting with local groups, parents and teenagers to get input on what types of activities they would like to see offered to support teens in Ipswich."

Read more at Wicked Local: Ipswich.

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