Saturday, November 12, 2011

A New Year (and a New Face) for the Vox Populi

Susanna Young '12 is the editor-in-chief for the
Vox Populi, a publication of the Gordon College Student Association that shares essays, fiction and poetry from members of the Gordon community—mainly students, but also faculty, staff and alumni. She shares her thoughts on the latest issue of the Vox, and a new phase in the publication's presence on campus.

"When I was offered the position of editor for the Vox Populi, I had no idea what kind of an undertaking it was. One summer and half a semester later, we—my team and I—were in full swing and straining for a steep learning curve. Thanks to the previous editors before me, the Vox was an established and professional operation of which we were the willing benefactors. Because of this groundwork, the Vox's presence on campus has been (and hopefully will continue to be) an outlet for expressing opinions and perspectives on various relevant topics as well as a venue for the creative voices of our community.

The challenge then, besides learning how to manage a publication, was to push the identity of the Vox Populi forward, to contribute to its actualization and get people’s attention. Plenty of nights were spent attempting to meet these tasks head on. We encountered what felt like a maze of possibilities surrounding elements of design, how to feature writing with specific segments, and how to remain flexible and open to being surprised by pieces we could not have anticipated. In the midst of all this wading though, a beacon emerged: we knew we wanted the Vox Populi to publish individual issues that stood on their own while fitting into the overall framework of the publication. So, we decided to organize each issue around a one-word theme.

For our fall issue, we decided on the word 'Contact,' which we liked for its dual noun and verb usage, and for its broad interpretive possibilities. While the decision to use a thematic shape for the Vox was a narrowing one, we wanted to invite all the voices we hoped to publish to speak it into existence and show us what it is that we meant. We’re thrilled with our first issue of the Vox Populi and are now in the midst of producing our second.

This next theme is 'Room' and it’s given us a promising point of departure for the issue, with pieces that imbibe both physical space and the conceptual realm of ideas in dialogue with one another. Thank you to those of you who wrote for us and thanks for reading!"

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