Tuesday, November 1, 2011

48 Hour Creative Blitz

Over the weekend, a team from the Return Design Internship Program at Gordon College flew to Virginia for a 48-hour creative consult with Free for Life International.

Free for Life International requested the help of three organizations around the country to help with their marketing materials--including the help of Gordon's graphic design internship program--known for its branding and identity work with nonprofit and humanitarian organizations.

Free for Life is a not-for-profit that seeks to restore and rescue victims of sexual trafficking, the second most prevalent crime in the world.
Free for Life partners locally and globally with shelters and individuals to meet the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs of trafficking survivors. In order to raise awareness, they asked Gordon to help them create a visual campaign and marketing plan. Members of Gordon team's flew down to meet Free for Life and write, film and design for 48 hours before returning home (notice sleep wasn't included in the aforementioned list). 

The Return Design crew was led by Tim Ferguson-Sauder, the founder and director of the program. Sauder, who also serves as the creative director for Design Services, chose Katie Heideman '12, a communication arts major from Centennial, Colorado and alum David Ells '07, of In The Car, to help with the project.

"As a student, I had an incredibly positive experience during my internship with Return Design," said Ells. "When Tim Ferguson-Sauder told me about this opportunity to volunteer with New City Arts and Free for Life, while simultaneously giving back to Return Design, I happily took him up on it." 

"It was amazing to have the opportunity to help an international non-profit, work alongside other Christian creative professionals and interact with an organization committed to discussing questions of faith and art," said Ferguson-Sauder. "It was even more amazing to realize that I was having this experience with a current student and a recent alum of Gordon College and Return Design. It had a profound impact on me and I can't wait to see the effects it will have on them." 

Watch the new Free for Life video from the 48 hour design blitz here.

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