Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lights, Camera, Fundraiser: Gordon Student Raises Funds for Senior Thesis Film Project

As a kid growing up in Gillette, New Jersey, Jeff Ryan would practice Jim Carrey faces in the mirror for fun. Now, as a ’12 Gordon College Communication Arts major, he is taking his passion for film more seriously. In fact, he has taken the initiative to start a fundraising campaign in support of his senior thesis film project, a short film entitled Jerry.

“The premise of Jerry is rooted in my desire to showcase relational interactions, especially communication in romantic relationships,” said Ryan. “The short film tells the story of a man who goes to extreme measures to please his wife, and as a result, ends up in jail. While incorporating humor, the film retains a sense of drama and sincerity.”

Ryan has set up a campaign on in order to raise funds for his film’s production. His ultimate goal is to raise $800, and by October 22, he has raised $461.
 “As a college student, it is difficult to obtain sufficient funds to produce a film that is of good quality,” said Ryan. “My crew is working entirely for free, and I want to be able to provide them with food during shoots. I also hope to use the money raised towards film festival submissions where I can promote work as part of the Gordon College Communication Arts program.”

Ryan says that his inspiration for Jerry came from other short films such as Andy and Zach, directed by Nick Paley, a story that highlights human relationships.

“I love having the ability to craft visual stories,” said Ryan. “Filmmaking is my artistic outlet, my passion. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to tell a powerful story as my capstone project of the Communication Arts major at Gordon College, and I hope to acquire adequate funds and recognition to truly make this film a success.”

Story by Kate Brooks '12, a Communications Arts major from New Jersey and student writer for the Office of College Communications.

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