Friday, October 7, 2011

Framework and Fluidity

The first floor hallway in the Ken Olsen Science Center got some new wall candy this week, courtesy of the Class of 2011 and two of its alumni, Garrett Ames-Ledbetter and Anna Taylor. Last year's class gift pledged a series of paintings for KOSC designed around the disciplines of mathematics, physics, biology, kinesiology, chemistry and computer science.

Ames-Ledbetter (left) and Taylor (right) began this sprawling series immediately after Commencement and installed the pieces just this week—in time for this weekend's Homecoming celebration. Tuesday was the first time Ames-Ledbetter and Taylor were able to see their project in its entirety. "We designed the paintings specifically for this space," explained Taylor, "So it's cool to see how they fit in here."

The representation of each discipline consists of a large main panel containing familiar figures and functions—the nine most common phyla of organism, the first 50 or so digits of pi, etc.—all integrated into an abstract-expressionist interpretation of the science, building upon the installation's title, Framework and Fluidity. Next to each larger piece in a rather dramatic and striking juxtaposition is a smaller, darker painting accented with brilliant gold leaf, which carries—as in much of Bruce Herman's work—an air of the transcendent.

But since paintings are much better to be seen in person than read about on the internet, be sure to stop by the Ken Olsen Science Center this weekend and admire the brilliant and generous gifts of these two very talented young alumni. Thank you, Garrett and Anna!

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