Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Tour of the Alumni Art Gallery

Musicians aren’t the only artists at SoulFest. One floor above the Deeper Well stage a little sign says “Art Gallery.” Follow it.

The whole room is filled with art by three Gordon alumni: clothing design by Grant Hanna ’06, paintings by Angela Witmore ’11, and environmental graphic design by Abby Ytzen ’10. Admissions counselor (and blue street team member) Andrew Wardwell curated the exhibit. He explains his selection: “I chose alumni artists who are all actively working in the art world.” That’s right—art majors can really get jobs in art, and here’s the proof.

Grant Hanna
Each one of these pieces of clothing bears one of Grant’s bold yet fluid designs for apparel company Faith & Fortune—started by two other Gordon alumni, Jason Revilla ’01 and Jim Grumbine ’01. Currently Grant is a freelance designer who has done work for nonprofits, bands, schools, and loads of other clients. On top of his work as a designer, Grant is also a very talented painter and illustrator. Be sure to check out his website to see more of his work.

Angela Witmore
I met Angela during my semester in Orvieto, Italy, and though I went as a literature student, I was struck by the sheer creative energy of each of the Gordon artists there. These paintings are intricately small, meditative pieces from Angela’s senior seminar exhibit, a collective effort called Common, which she contributed to along with four other artists from that semester in Italy. Currently Angela is working at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.

Abby Ytzen
Abby’s Biomes project is absolutely sprawling. The full piece is 5 feet high by 20 feet long. And once you start to unpack just what’s in it, you get a sense of why: She manages to encapsulate a summary of every sphere of animal life on the planet in simple, intuitive graphic language. It’s no wonder Ytzen’s expertise in graphic design is still in demand around the North Shore. She also just completed a booklet called Fishing Gloucester, a surprisingly entertaining look at the fishing industry in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

John Mirisola ’11 is a Gordon alum and writer for the College. He will be blogging at SoulFest all this week, keeping you in the loop on all things Gordon College around the festival.

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