Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This Week at SoulFest

John Mirisola ’11 is a Gordon alum and writer for the College. He will be blogging at SoulFest all this week, keeping you in the loop on all things Gordon College around the festival.

I’ve connected Gordon with SoulFest for years now. The festival was the highlight of the youth group year for me in middle school and high school, and every youth pastor I ever had was a Gordon grad. Once up there, the Gordon presence became a staple. There were always kids walking around in Gordon apparel and shows featuring bands with alumni or current students.
My older sister, Liz, went to Gordon, and I remember, as I got ready to start applying for colleges, one of her friends was at the Gordon tent handing out T-shirts. I still have my grey and yellow Gordon shirt—and while I can’t say it was the complementary clothing that made me decide on Gordon, it was a link in a long chain of circumstances that put the College on my radar and placed me in the company of very friendly, approachable Gordon folks who, yes, sometimes gave away free stuff.

So I’m excited to be at SoulFest this year. I’ll be roaming over the side of Gunstock Mountain, scouring every stage and tent for alumni, faculty and staff, and friends of the College, and bringing their stories to you. Be sure to check back daily for updates, and if you have a free day, come hang out with us!

If you’re up on the mountain this week and you’d like to chat, just shoot me an email!

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