Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Summer Recording Music with Regenerate Music Co.—and Discerning God’s Call

Late one night Andrew Hansen ’13 was cruising through his Facebook newsfeed. His youth pastor had posted a song released by Regenerate Music Co. After Andrew heard the song, “Kingdom,” by Micah Massey (free album on, he contacted a member of Regenerate and asked if he could intern with them. After a long wait, Regenerate agreed to a summer internship and gave Andrew a couch to sleep on in the studio.

Andrew, a double major in youth ministry and biblical studies, is part of the Elijah Project—a one-year program at Gordon that encourages students to listen to God’s call, to explore meaningful work and to respond to the needs of the world. Andrew loves both of his majors, and also loves music, but doesn’t know which he should pursue for a future career. So when an opportunity to intern with Regenerate fell in his lap, he knew he couldn’t pass up the opportunity.
Regenerate Music Co. has given Andrew the opportunity to watch bands record albums while simultaneously learning through observation and hands-on experience from the producer, Tyler Orr. Andrew says, “One night Tyler let me record an entire song for a band called Sosaveme—I set up mics and the audio interface on the computer, and then worked with the band to get a good recording. Tyler was pleased with the final product, which was really satisfying.”
Andrew continues, “In the beginning I realized I was surrounded by busy people who had their hands deep in the music business, and I was just a college kid who only had his hands deep in interest, with not much to offer.” He worked hard to prove himself. “The Regenerate staff noticed my drive, and as a result a tight bond was formed between us. Tyler, my boss, doesn’t want me to leave.”

Andrew has thought a lot about a quote from Frederick Buechner as he wrestles with how God is calling him to work in the future: “The place where God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

“I thought my summer was about choosing a career path between music and youth ministry, but what I’ve been realizing is that I’m gifted in both areas. I’m going to trust God to lead me to the right career when the time comes. This summer has changed my life.”

Andrew concludes, “I really want Buechner’s quote to ring true for my life now and when I’m 40. I want to continue to ask the questions I’m asking myself now: Who am I? What do I love? And how can I help?”

Read some of Andrew’s musings while in Tennessee this summer.

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