Monday, August 15, 2011

A Missionary Internship in France

Mary Cote ’12 has always been drawn to missions. After spending a summer in France interning as a missionary, she is even more convinced that serving God in missions is in her future.

An English major and biblical studies minor, and an Elijah Project student, Mary had to complete an internship this summer for her studies. She first met French missionary Thierry Mirone when she went with her youth group on a missions trip to France in 2008. She was also a counselor at the Christian camp Champfleuri in France for the past two summers during their two-week evangelistic camp.

This summer Mary traveled to France with two other interns from her church. She spent four weeks working with Thierry in the town of Albertville, helping him prepare for an evangelistic youth rally for French teens and young adults. Then she moved to the language school in Albertville for a week to do construction work and spend time with missionaries who are learning French. Mary also worked at camp Champfleuri and was able to hone her interest in writing by sending weekly articles to her town newspaper and writing a blog about her missionary adventures.
Life was often challenging for Mary in France, but there were things she really enjoyed. “I had the chance to speak a mix of English and French with families over amazing quiche or French pizza,” she says. “I also really liked the pace of life—people sit and eat at meals, talk with each other and share what’s going on in their lives.”

Mary is definitely interested in pursuing missions. “Spending time in France has helped me see the real need for Christians to live out their faith—sharing God, His love and His Word with people throughout the world. Spending time with missionaries this summer was a gift. I was continually challenged by their faith and willingness to sacrifice for the Kingdom’s gain.”

Pictured: Mary, after a hike with Thierry and other friends she made while in France, at the top of one of the hills around Albertville, looking out onto the foothills of the Alps.

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