Saturday, August 6, 2011

CONNECT: SoulFest Day 4

Well, SoulFest, it’s been great. I think it’s safe to say Gordon’s made its mark (which, if you were wondering, is the big CONNECT +”) on the festival this year. After four full days of music and games, big events and sporadic precipitation, this is my sign-off. I and the other Gordon staffers up here will be sleeping like rocks this evening.
Community Celebration
The Gordon College Community Celebration this afternoon was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the week.

For a few hours this afternoon, the Gordon presence which has been spread out over the whole mountain was concentrated into a single room full of alumni, faculty, staff, current and incoming students, and parents. It was my chance to catch up with my sister, Liz Moore ’05, and her husband, Ben ’05, who are up here with their youth group. I could also connect with a few other alumni, and, of course, some faculty and my fellow staffers. But aside from the Gordon fellowship (and some free food), the real draw of the event was for the community to come together and greet President Michael Lindsay and his wife, Rebecca, for their first public appearance representing Gordon. Dr. Lindsay took the opportunity to share with us a few words about why he was so drawn to the College. “Gordon,” he declared with pride, “is the flagship evangelical institution in the education capital of the world.”

After taking some time to introduce himself to as many of the attendants as possible, the president met us back at the Gordon tent for a special performance by alumna Meg Lynch ’10.

Secret Gordon Tent Show
When I was at Gordon, Meg Lynch was pretty much a household name. She made her rounds on the coffee house circuit, and everybody seemed to know that this young woman was bound to make some sort of a splash in the music world. Well, it seems that she is really starting to get her feet wet now; her work with Talain Rayne has led to recordings, summer tours, and now even a music video. I’m excited to see what’s next from Meg, and I think it’s safe to say we’re all very grateful that she would grace us with this special performance today. (Thanks, as well, to Bill Rosser ’12, her accompanist.)

Youth Conference Speakers

Today SoulFest hosted the New England Youth Conference as a part of its programming. Among the speakers were Jake Kircher ’04 and Bob Whittet, associate professor of Christian ministries.

Jake, a Gordon youth ministry graduate, spoke to the largely teenage crowd about Christian dating and all of its “how’s” and “why’s.” “The purpose of dating is to begin combining your lives in a growing intimacy that would ultimately culminate in marriage,” explained Kircher. Understanding that, he encouraged the group to take dating seriously—to pray, to talk about it, to ask friends, and to be okay with feeling like you’re not ready.

Kircher is a published author and the youth pastor at Grace Community Church in New Canaan, Connecticut.

After Jake I stuck around to hear Bob Whittet’s talk on developing an energized faith. I always enjoy hearing Professor Whittet; he speaks with humor, telling impactful stories and relaying their meaning with authority. “We have a tremendous opportunity to be a light in a place that’s pretty dim,” he began. That starts with recognizing that no matter where we are in our walk, no matter how much we feel we lack, God’s promise is that He will be with us; and that is where our power and our light comes from. When we understand this truth, it won’t matter what our inadequacies are, “light will always win.

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