Thursday, August 4, 2011

CONNECT: SoulFest Day 2

Well, the dust has finally started to settle up at Gunstock this evening. Today was packed full of events, lectures, music and prizes. Two days down, two to go! Here’s the update . . . La Vida Games
What do rubber animals, bandanas, and hula hoops have to do with Gordon College? La Vida adventure games.

The Gordon-based outdoor education group has been up at SoulFest for the last couple days, leading team-building activities for young adults eager for some festival fun. Since this was their last day on the mountain, they invited the street team to join the final round of games (involving some pretty unorthodox props). While I didn’t catch all the rules, I garnered this much from observation: Throw the fish as far as you can; don’t step on the frogs; and it helps coordinate your team to shout out arbitrary numbers.

Photo: Kids, the La Vida staff, and the street team guide each other through a treacherous field of fake amphibians.]
  North Shore Hip Hop
While you might not think of Lynn, Massachusetts, as a bustling center for hip hop, Bobby Bishop ’98 might be changing all that. I got to hear a few of the Gordon grad’s songs at the Deeper Well stage today, and let me tell you, Bobby attacks his set with all the stage presence and verbal dexterity of the big city emcees. And Bishop’s not down on where he comes from. He feels a calling to the particular community he’s in—“I need to be looking at how I can impact people right around me in Lynn.” You can check out Bobby’s new album,
Everyday Man, on iTunes here.

Justice: Within the Bones of Creation

Anybody who, by design or happy accident, found his or her way to the Mercy St. Cafe today around 2:00 p.m. got a special taste of Dr. Paul Brink’s Gordon class on justice. And what an incredibly fitting environment to start the conversation—all around SoulFest, you can wander into tents promoting any number of different justice-driven organizations, from anti-slavery to bone marrow drives. What made professor Brink’s lecture so poignant, however, was his focus on the roots of justice—the common thread that ties all of these efforts together. What is justice, why do it, and how?

In lieu of a full recap, which would damage both Dr. Brink’s message and my word count, I’ll stick to a couple key points. “Justice,” the associate professor of political science offered, “means treating all creatures in accordance with what God has created them to be.” It means acting towards everything in a way that is edifying to its original design. This ethic is “within the very bones of Creation.” God looked upon all that he had made and said that it was good.

So where to start, then? Well, while Brink certainly didn’t discourage going out and signing up at one of the tents, he advised, “Your first act of justice should be this: Think about what you’re already doing, and how that lines up with God’s created order.” As the old Puritain proverb goes, “God loveth adverbs.” In that spirit, begin by doing what you do

Gordon Giveaway

Tonight’s prize went to Adam Morrison of Milton, New Hampshire! Congratulations, Adam. Enjoy this longboard, handpicked by professional skater, Brian Bishop. (And look for more coming from Brian as this weekend rolls around . . .)

John Mirisola ’11 is a Gordon alum and writer for the College. He will be blogging at SoulFest all this week, keeping you in the loop on all things Gordon College around the festival.

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OutOfNY said...

It would be oh so great if you put out the word for Gordon students and grads to stop by the tent while at SoulFest. I know of several in my family that were there - I know there were others.

Imagine the resources for talking up the college.