Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CONNECT: SoulFest Day 1

What a day! Things don’t move slowly (or quietly) around here. Here are some of my festival first impressions . . . Street Team
The Gordon College street team came out in full force today just after the first chords of the day were struck. Decked out in bright blues and greens, touting megaphones and backpacks full of goodies, these Gordon staffers and recent alumni wander the festival grounds all day, offering their hair-dying expertise and handing out customized lollipops, as well as (word has it) some more extravagant prizes.

High-Flying Promotion
There’s no missing the Gordon tent. If you were a wayward SoulFest traveler who’d lost your bearings on the side of the mountain, you’d only need to look up in order to find the CONNECT balloon floating high above. Come a little closer and it becomes even simpler: Just look for the green and blue, the table full of iMacs, and the crowds of college hopefuls passing through from morning until evening. This tent will no doubt become a festival landmark this year.

Walking Billboard
If you see somebody walking around in a Gordon T-shirt, there are a few possibilities: It could be a staff or faculty member, a student, an alum—or, it's just as likely to be Wesley Cannon, a middle school student from the New Hampshire Seacoast. The son of two Gordon grads, John and Janet, Wesley owns enough Gordon apparel to wear a different College shirt every day for two weeks straight without repeat. Bob Whittet, director of church relations and an associate professor of Christian ministries, knows the family. “Wesley’s a walking Gordon billboard,” he remarked. “Every time I see him he’s wearing a Gordon shirt.” Well, Wesley, here’s a brand new one (#15) to add to the collection!

Gordon Giveaway
Tonight’s prize: a $100 Apple gift card! Tomorrow? You’ll have to wait and see . . .

 John Mirisola ’11 is a Gordon alum and writer for the College. He will be blogging at SoulFest all this week, keeping you in the loop on all things Gordon College around the festival.

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John Cannon DC said...

Wes has been to homecoming and Gordon since he was a baby -- no classes yet. This is our 7th soulfest and we are so glad to see Gordon here at the festival! The imacs are very cool! Thank you for the t-shirt guys. John cannon '87.