Friday, July 8, 2011

Submerged in Gull Pond

At least three vehicles are submerged in Gull Pond. That's the collective wisdom of a group of faculty, staff and alumni who logged on recently to answer the new president's question: Were there really cars sunk in Gordon’s ponds?
President Emeritus Jud Carlberg says that at least one construction vehicle never made it out of Gull Pond. Back in the the early 1950s, when Route 128 was being constructed, Gull Pond was created/excavated to supply gravel for the road beds. “One day the workers hit an underground river; the gravel pit began to fill, and the workers had to flee for their lives,” Jud says. “The state just never went back to get all the equipment out.”

There are also a Volkswagen Bug and a station wagon in Gull. Alton Bynum (who can tell you the exact location of both vehicles) swam down and sat in the driver’s side of the VW as a kid. 1978 alum Bob Whittet reports: “Those of us living in Conrad treated the VW like a treasure wreck. We made multiple dives down, and much of Conrad was decorated with things like hub caps (which made great wall hangings), and a mirror or two.”
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Theresa said...

I want to find the bug! How do I contact Alton Bynum?

Patricia said...

Contact Gordon's Physical Plant dept.
978-927-2300 (ext. 4302)
If you do find it, will you let me know?

Dan said...

Hate to spoil anyone's fun, but please consider the danger before diving. An old rusty car is also a car with potentially very sharp edges and should be approached with caution - if at all.