Monday, July 11, 2011

Gordon Alumni Awarded in 48-Hour Film Project

For two sleepless days, six Gordon alumni, wrote, acted, filmed and then submitted their six- minute video Song and Dance to Boston’s 48-Hour Film Project. When results were in, judges awarded the film best acting ensemble, best original song, best script, and honorable mention for best film.

Gordon alumni working on the project from May 6–8, 2011, included filmmakers Dan Steven’s ’07, communication arts, and David Ells ’07, communication arts, who also own their own production company, In The Car Media. Cast members included Tim Lewis ’08, communication arts, Audrey Claire Johnson ’05, theatre, Brett Johnson ’07, political studies and theatre, Jill Rogati ’07, theatre, and Ed Rand ’06, communication arts.

In the creation of their film, the team was required to use a particular prop—a chess piece, line of dialogue—“I didn’t see that coming,” and character Uncle Hank. Their production, Song and Dance, combined these elements to tell the story of two couples who are better at acting out relationships than being in them.

Song and Dance was funny, tight, and well-made,” says Rini Cobbey, associate professor of communication arts. “As I would expect, their work is some of the best in the festival.”

This year marks the fifth time that In The Car Media and cast have participated in the project. Click here for more details about the 48-Hour Film Project.

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