Friday, June 10, 2011

Uganda and Summer Missions

Next Wednesday a team of eight students and Val Buchannan, director of the Office of Community Engagement, will travel to Uganda for a month-long missions trip through Gordon’s Summer Missions Program. The group, led by juniors Jordan Frank and Luke Padilla, will spend two weeks in the nation’s capital, Kampala, working with Jesus Commissioned Ministries to help build classrooms and teach lessons for the ministry’s school. For the last half of the trip, they will travel to Serere, in Uganda’s easternmost province, where they will partner with Village2Village in building a home for an HIV positive single mother and her daughter, as well as working with other HIV positive adults in the village.

In addition to the Uganda trip, this summer SMP groups will serve in India, Swaziland and Sri Lanka. We remember these groups in our prayers and wish all the students, leaders, and advisors safe travels and fruitful work in their time abroad.

Photo: The Uganda team will travel to Serere to aid in the completion of this family’s house.


debily said...

I have gone on two mission trips to Uganda in the past 2 years. While God has said "no" to my return this year, I believe there will be an open door in the future, as well as a time when we can make this trip as a family. A large part of my heart still lives in Uganda. It truly is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I will be praying for these teams as they go.

Laurie Kroll said...

So proud that our organization will host a team from my alma mater! :-)
Thank you for your service to Serere and Uganda.

Laurie (McGuinness) Kroll, Gordon class of '81.