Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SPIN Traveling Piano

The SPIN traveling piano appeared last night at Red Rock Park in Lynn. Hosted by Serving People in Need, a social service agency in Lynn, the SPIN piano appears in unexpected venues throughout the city. From streets to parks, bus stops or train platforms, the piano rolls out to offer the public a chance to play, or listen to the improv acts that follow. The SPIN piano project hopes to highlight the arts and help build community in Lynn.

When Gordon alumni German Disla ’11 and Ben McGrath ’10 heard about SPIN from a friend, they wanted to help. Kelly Wall, the organizer for SPIN, was excited to get their call. “It’s great to have a piano player available to get things started and jump-start the crowd,” said Wall. “We wanted a great opening season kickoff, and Disla and McGrath helped us with that.”

People walking along the very active esplanade that borders the park took photos and video of the performance. After a video of their performance appeared on YouTube today, SPIN has tracked 500 new “likes” on their Facebook page. “We even got a call from a donor who wants to give money towards hiring high school students from the city to play,” said Wall.

The SPIN piano is partnered with The United Way Financial Stability Center.
For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Photo: Gordon College graduates with a passion for music and community outreach perform on the SPIN piano in Lynn. Video: German Disla, Ben McGrath and Chuck Anderas ’10 on the harmonica. Photo from Lynnhappens.com

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