Thursday, June 23, 2011

On Location with IN THE CAR

When Gordon graduates begin a project, they often draw from the College’s extensive alumni network to build a team of original and innovative thinkers. These collaborative enterprises emerge regularly in the post-Gordon community.

This week a unique creative venture took place in a vacant Chevy dealership—filled with broken windows, construction equipment, tattered images of an old automobile legacy, and a lot of rock and roll. IN THE CAR—a film production company created by alumni Dan Stevens ’07, David Ells ’07 and
Tim Lewis ’08 while they were still students at Gordon—was recently hired to create a new music video for Daybreaker, a rock band from Boston signed to Berkeley, California, record label Pure Noise Records. Stevens, creative director for IN THE CAR, selected the location—strewn with dirt and broken glass—to reflect the tone of the song and the aesthetic of the band while providing an interesting and fun experience for the audience. “The lyrics of the song have a small town/blue collar tone about them,” said Dan, “We were asked to make a performance-based video rather than a concept video—so we had to figure out how to convey a blue collar vibe without a narrative to tell the story.”

David Ells is IN THE CAR’s editor and director of photography. “When it comes to music videos, we try to approach them with simplicity, whether it’s narrative- or performance-based,” said Ells. “Too many music videos try to fit an in-depth concept into a piece far too short for that sort of concept to come across clearly.”

But Stevens and Ells were not the lone collaborators on the project. As filming started earlier this week in Salem, Massachusetts, members of the area’s artist community—all graduates of Gordon—heard news of the shoot and began to filter through. These other creative minds on location included Daniel Ebersole ’11 and Meg Talbot Stevens ’06. The shoot will conclude this week as postproduction for the final video ramps up.

To view some photography stills by Ebersole of some moments captured on set, click here.

Photo: Dan Stevens and Meg Talbot Stevens on set of the new Daybreaker video. Photo 2:
David Ells behind the camera. Copyright, Daniel Ebersole, Ebersole Photography.

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