Monday, June 6, 2011

Alumnus Donates Equipment to Gordon’s Biology Department

When Ken Stewart’s company, Ischemix, found itself with a surplus of lab equipment, Stewart ’93 thought of his alma mater. Through the generosity of Stewart and Ischemix—which is located in Maynard, Massachusetts—Gordon’s Biology Department now has some exciting new lab tools. They include two Bio-Rad fraction collectors, a Stratagene Robocycler PCR machine, a sonicator with sound-proof cabinet as well as a cell culture centrifuge.

“This equipment is particularly timely because our new faculty hire, Justin Topp, studies membranes, and the sonicator in particular could be very useful to his research,” says Craig Story, associate professor of biology.

Stewart has worked for the last six years at Ischemix, where he and colleagues used the tools to study ischemia, which occurs during heart attacks or strokes when blood vessels are blocked. As a result, Ischemix currently has drugs in clinical trials to be tested for effectiveness.

The equipment Ischemix donated to Gordon would be worth tens of thousands of dollars if purchased new, according to Story. “We’re very grateful for the generosity of Ischemix, president Dr. Reinier Beeuwkes and Ken for their generosity to Gordon College,” he said.

Pictured above: Ken Stewart

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