Friday, May 27, 2011

The Gordon Community Says Goodbye to Andene Christopherson

After five years of service and over 300 worship services, Director of Worship Andene Christopherson is returning to her home state of Minnesota. On Thursday afternoon, April 26, the campus community joined together to celebrate her work at Gordon College.

“Andene brings so much to our office and campus in terms of an energetic presence and encouraging nature,” says Laurie Truschel, director of student ministries. “She’s passionate about empowering students to be confident and creative, and we’ll all miss having her on our team.”

In addition to mentoring many students individually, Andene’s chapel production role includes supervising music, training all student groups involved with chapel, coordinating technology, constructing an order of service, and quickly addressing many unforeseen interferences.

“Because of how Andene works, I absolutely trust her with her many responsibilities,” says Greg Carmer, dean of chapel. “She’s extremely attentive to detail and frequently responds, ‘Yup, I already took care of that,’ when I would ask her to check up on a last minute item.”

While Christopherson is not certain of her next career move, she intends to continue working in higher education, theology and worship.

“One of the most important things I learned at Gordon was how to coordinate thousands of details while under pressure and care for people in the midst,” says Christopherson. “Working at Gordon has been like working with family, and I will miss that.”

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