Thursday, April 7, 2011

Green Chemistry—Interactive Posters and "The Magic Goggles"

Green chemistry students presented poster projects this afternoon in the Ken Olsen Science Center. Presentations included an interactive poster created for elementary school teachers, which uses heat-sensitive paints to reveal answers to green chemistry questions when touched; and helpful information on the 12 principles of green chemistry. Also on display was a children’s book, The Magic Goggles, created by chemistry and biology students, about a little boy named Irv and a polar bear named Dwight who work together to help the environment. All the characters are named after members of the Chemistry Department faculty.
Faculty from linguistics, kinesiology and biology, and students from a diverse array of academic disciplines viewed the presentations and listened to inside perspectives on their work. “So how does your professor like being compared to a polar bear?” asked Dr. Grame Bird, on his way to lecture. “He loved it!,” said Alissa Watson, one of the students on the project.

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