Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When Learning Becomes a Passion

Shanell Percy knew she was a good student, but she didn’t know that she loved learning until she got to Gordon. With an interest in the sciences, she enrolled in biology and chemistry her first semester at Gordon and was captivated by her studies—particularly chemistry.

“In my chemistry courses at Gordon I’m challenged to venture beyond the surface and put the pieces together to pin point how text book concepts have real life applications,” says Percy, a freshmen chemistry major from Windsor, Connecticut. “The challenge and discoveries in my courses have really made learning fun.”

But studying isn’t something that came naturally for Percy as she’d always done well in high school without much effort. “It took a few months, but I realized that in order to succeed at Gordon, I had to improve my study habits,” she says. “The atmosphere of learning at Gordon is serious, but it’s also very supported by professors and other students.”

Percy has found that being in a community of learners who are excited about their studies is encouraging. “I would tell new students to really plug in with other students in their major,” says Percy. “Taking on challenges together is always more enjoyable.” Percy found this to be true while completing a semester long group project on the benefits of using titanium alloys in medical procedures.

In addition to the positive learning community Percy has found, she appreciates the passion her professors have for teaching. “When the light bulb goes off in my head and I understand a concept, my professors are equally as excited as I am,” she says. “That’s a cool thing.”

As Percy continues to engage with her studies, she’s applied for summer internships in the medical field. “Right now, I want to go to graduate school after Gordon to become a doctor of pharmacy,” says Percy. “That may change, but I know for sure that I am interested in pursuing a career in the medical field.”

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