Thursday, March 31, 2011

Human Rights Week

The Human Network—a Gordon College student-led initiative—annual Human Rights Week is in full swing. The series aims to expose the community to pressing human rights issues from around the globe. “Modern day slavery has never been a foreign concept to me,” said Molly Kong, a first-year student studying biology. “My family is from Cambodia—which is known for slave trafficking.” Kong attended a Not for Sale meeting in Boston, where she met Gordon employee Anita Coco, media production manager in the Center for Educational Technologies. “It opened my eyes even more. Slavery is not only a problem taking place far away; it is even happening here in Massachusetts.”

I got involved in starting a human rights club because I believe strongly that students are some of the best agents of change in social justice,” said sophomore Ashlie Busone, an education and Spanish double major from Ballston Lake, New York. “I know that if we want to see progress in our lifetime, my generation must be at the forefront of it.

My goal for the week is to not only educate students, faculty and staff, but also provide them with opportunities and resources to apply this new knowledge and become involved,” said Mary Frediani, a sophomore linguistics major from Nashua, New Hampshire. Frediani, who serves as president for the Human Network, helped to organize a variety of events “to grab the attention of different people . . . and engage fellow students on many levels.”

A few of this year’s events include a lecture on ethical consumerism; a screening of the documentary The Dark Side of Chocolate on child labor; a clothing swap; and a lecture by Francis Bok, former slave and modern abolitionist.

Photo: Gordon students leading the initiative for Human Rights Week at Gordon College—Mary Frediani, Teresa Baik, Theresa Bennett, Jessica Yu, Ainsley Robles, Molly Kong, Ashlie Busone and Ella Sparling.


Bonnie Sakow said...

I am sooo pleased to see this Human Rights Week continue at Gordon College! The issues addressed during this week are very important and we pray that students will be looking outward as well as at their own hearts as a result. Of course this should lead to ACTION! God bless all involved this year and may they reap wonderful fruits from their dedication.

Tess Taft Cowan said...

I'm so proud of these college students! May God continue to bless them with great health and the desire to help others!