Friday, March 25, 2011

Serving in Mississippi

Senior communication arts student Gabrielle Witham, of Groton, Massachusetts, is interning with the chapel staff this semester. She’ll be writing regularly on topics of faith and community.

A group of Gordon students with hearts for service recently returned from Mississippi. Led by assistant director of Public Safety Glenn Deckert, and junior communication arts students Elise D’Adamo and Anders Johnson, the team of 13 painted, landscaped, organized and undertook several projects for organizations and individuals in need throughout the Canton region of Mississippi.
The team, pictured above, worked with In His Steps—a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to helping at-risk youth and families. In His Steps, like many social service nonprofits, requested volunteers to help with various odd jobs so their money could instead be allocated to other programs and services for people in need.

They also assisted several sick and circumstantially disadvantaged individuals in the area. “This year our U.S. mission team bonded in amazing ways,” says D’Adamo, who has helped lead the trip for the past two years. “As a result, we were able to make a greater impact on the community. Gestures as small as sharing our trail mix over conversation showed
we were there not only to complete the necessary work but also to be friends with listening ears.”

Gordon students took on the projects with servants’ hearts, making a significant impact on those they worked with. As their mission trip wound down, they prayed and honored God with heart-felt worship, which included a foot washing—grounding them in Christ’s humble and loving example.

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