Wednesday, March 30, 2011

College Radio—Giving Students a Voice in New, Exciting Ways

After months of planning and programming, Gordon students Amber Fiedler ’13, Naama Mendes ’13, Anders Johnson ’12 and Mac Gostow ’13 have launched Gordon’s own radio station.

“The station brings together two things students love: feeling connected and consuming media,” said Jonathan Gerber, assistant professor of psychology. As the station plays through an Internet feed, listeners can tune in from campus or while studying abroad in South Africa . . . making ScotRadio an exciting development in the culture of the College. “ScotRadio gives students a voice in a new way, using technologies relevant to students. But the wisdom of Internet radio is not the main point; it’s fun to create.” Gerber, a native of Australia, serves as faculty advisor for the students, helping with questions, programming issues and College support.” Many significant media personalities began on college radio, including David Letterman. A college radio background is a great step for students interested in the world of media.”
The station’s programming hopefully will offer real, raw, fun, exciting, honest and personable content—shining light onto the unique ethos of the Gordon College community in a very authentic way. “There’s a distinct air of freedom that accompanies the grand college radio tradition,” said Gerber. “There’s nothing like hearing your show, by your people, at your college.”

Gerber, who teaches The Person in Psychological Context, Social Psychology, and Research Methods and Statistics, is also a ScotRadio host. Stemming from his previous days in the Christian music industry in Australia, his s
how takes on a new angle in Christian music. “My show explores pop music made by Christians in the 20th century, and looks at how that can inspire us as Christians and also inform us about the nature of redemptive creativity,” said Gerber. “Discussions will link into music by students on campus, highlighting what’s happening on campus and in our local environment—and will include some very special guests.” To catch his program, The Hidden Tradition, tune in Friday evenings, 7-8 p.m.

Join the flock on Twitter, like many of our alumni and students, and add your comments to #scotradio throughout the show. Pose questions to other listeners from around the world, or inspire DJs as they see fan support through their computer screens.

Photo: Faculty advisor Jonathan Gerber (center) with students from the new online radio program in their publicity photoshoot last month.

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