Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Youth Pastor Speaks Candidly Online about Gordon

Armed with a video camera and the benefits of a quiet office, Ryan Ventura, a youth pastor in Bethel, Connecticut, publicly shared reflections on the La Vida program at Gordon College. Ventura is establishing new requirements for kids who will be going on missions trips through Walnut Hill Community Church, where he works. After his students had a particularly transforming experience this summer on a La Vida expedition, he decided that participating in La Vida would be a requirement. "Many of my students have never come face to face with who they are and where their relationship to God stands," said Ventura. "Before we take them on a missions trip, these students need better training so they can better serve others."

Watch his posted YouTube video here.

"La Vida has provided a revealing experience that prepares students for the mission field," said Ventura. "The lessons they learn while on La Vida help transform a teenager's mind to better understand who they are, who Christ is, and how to live their life as a servant leader for Him."

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