Monday, February 21, 2011

The World School

Give a man fish, he eats for a night. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” This old proverb is the motto of the World School, a nonprofit school-to-school support program cofounded by Gordon student Jordan Frank. It began in March 2008, Jordan’s junior year at Lexington Christian Academy. His friend had gone on a mission trip to Chuburna, Mexico, and told Jordan about the poor conditions of a school he had seen there. Jordan and his friends, along with their teacher, got together to discuss what they could do to help. Little did they know that this idea to help one school would turn into an organization that would help multiple schools in need around the world.

That summer, after weeks of preparation and fundraising, Jordan, along with eight other students and two adults, made the trip to Chuburna. They were appalled at what they saw: The children were crammed into a hot, nearly suffocating classroom, having recess on a crumbling concrete courtyard, and drinking water out of rusty spigots. The group renovated the classroom, setting up bookshelves, installing air conditioning, and painting a mural on the wall. They also planted a garden, started a recycling program, and were able to donate two laptops for the teachers’ use. While the trip was a success, the school still had many needs.

Jordan and his friends felt compelled to do more. They decided the best way to help a country grow is through its education system. “Many of these kids have so much vision,” says Jordan. “They want to be business owners, teachers, get involved in government—but without education they don’t have these options.”

They figured out the most efficient way to help a school was through a school. Since then they have recruited 12 American schools to become part of the project and have established contacts with Mexico, Belize, Haiti, South Korea, India and Uganda. As of right now, the organization is simply meeting needs as they can, but the goal is to eventually match up each school with a partner school so they can support each other and fulfill more specialized needs.

Jordan, now a sophomore, is studying business and nonprofit while still serving as executive director of the World School. He would eventually like to start a club at Gordon that would meet twice a month, research the needs of other countries, plan fundraisers, make church visits, and raise awareness among students and parents. This summer he will be coleading a Gordon mission trip to Uganda, which he hopes will help him make connections and gain more experience in missions. Jordan’s favorite thing about directing the World School? “Definitely relationships. I’m so thankful for the teachers and pastors I’ve gotten to meet, and I’m even learning a little salsa from one of our friends from Mexico, via Skype.”

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Photo: Jordan, on his first trip to Mexico, with Marta, a third-grade girl whom he helped get a hearing aid.

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What an outstanding article. This young man knows how to get things done. Good for him. Very inspirational. Also an extremely well written blog.