Thursday, February 3, 2011

Student Talk--A Place of Their Own

It's an exciting new semester for the Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science Departments at Gordon. Over Christmas break, these departments moved into a brand new wing on the second floor of the Ken Olsen Science Center. Students returned to their classes filled with excitement at the opportunities the new space provides.

"We’ve all been really excited for this wing to open up," says Stephen Collins, a sophomore physics major.

The second floor now includes a new physics lab, mathematics library, faculty offices, and computer lab. "The computers feel more modern and industry standard--more like we’re in real-world programming," says Mike Percuoco, a senior computer science major.

The students are also glad for the closer connection to other majors in science-related disciplines. "The difference is night and day--this new space is really first class," said Amy Hammond, a junior computer science major. It provides a very different feel for the overall course."

Maria Street, a junior from Washington, Maine, cofounded a new computer science club. "We recently held our first meeting in one of the new labs. It really defines our major and brings everyone together."

This Monday, February 7, 2011 Gordon College will host Science Experience Day, a science open house for visiting students and their families. The hands-on event allows our visitors to work together with current students on science experiments while meeting amazing professors. To register for Science Experience Day, click here. If you’re interested in biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, kinesiology, physics, health professions (premed concentration) or 3-2 engineering, contact our admissions office for details.

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