Monday, February 7, 2011

Green Chemisty - Gordon Students Make an Impression at MIT

Recently MIT hosted the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) New England Green Chemistry Networking Forum in Boston. It's no wonder Gordon College faculty, alumni and students were front and center at this important event. A video team interviewed various experts while focusing on a particular round table discussion Gordon students were having. Our students shared what they have been doing with their GOLum projects, outreach activities with Beyond Benign (a cosponsor of the event), and their green chemistry research. Curt Spalding, the EPA New England regional administrator, even mentioned Gordon by name in his introductory remarks of this important gathering of scientists.

"It was invigorating to be with others with the common purpose of supporting green chemistry in New England," says Dwight Tshudy, associate professor of chemistry. During the past decade New England has emerged as one of the most active areas in the country for development of green chemistry education. "While there are many other institutions around the country that are also interested in developing and implementing greener chemistry curricula, the highest concentration is surely in New England," says Irv Levy, professor of chemistry.

The EPA implemented the New England Green Chemistry Challenge in the summer of 2010  to help catalyze growth in other parts of the nation, and Gordon's chemistry faculty were among those who helped provide leadership for the project. Levy says, "We are excited that Gordon's location in New England allows us to be involved at the frontline of green chemistry research, education and development such as our unique partnership with the Beyond Benign Foundation and Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry. It's a very unique experience for students in our program."

Watch Video Of Gordon Students: To view the video spotlight click on the video tab, and scroll to the video titled "Kristen Entwistle, Gordon College student."

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