Monday, February 7, 2011

From Gordon to Harvard

Gordon is proud of December ’10 graduate Soo Yeon Kwon, who has been accepted to Harvard Dental School. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Kwon studied for two years at a community college before transferring to Gordon, recommended to her by one of her close friends. Looking back, Kwon knows without a doubt that Gordon was God’s plan for her.
As a Gordon student, Kwon declared herself a biology major and a chemistry minor and was enthusiastic about her studies from the start. On her third day of classes, she asked chemistry professor Irv Levy if there were any research projects she could take part in. Little did she know that she would be overseeing an extensive project that would earn her national attention. She presented the results of her research at two green chemistry conferences, and her work as been published in a journal for chemistry educators.

Kwon says she got a lot more out of her experience at Gordon than just academics: “Gordon taught me how to stand on my own feet, how to become an integral person, and how to trust in God for his plan.” She was especially impacted by the caring professors who motivated her to reach her full potential—not just intellectually, but spiritually as well. “That is what sets Gordon apart from other schools. Professors are not just professors, but spiritual mentors and counselors as well.”

Fond of her memories at Gordon, Kwon is eager to begin a new phase of her life at Harvard Dental School. Besides her career as a dentist, her dream is to help talented and motivated students pursue the education they deserve, but cannot always afford. Eventually, she wants to establish a scholarship fund or be on Gordon College's Board of Trustees. “I still have many obstacles to hurdle over but I'm praying in faith that God will provide me with resources from unexpected places. He always has.”

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