Saturday, February 5, 2011

12 Pounds of Crisco and a Day for Science

Usually when Friday rolls around, the campus feels a little more casual as faculty and students prepare for the weekend. But for faculty in the sciences, this weekend sets the stage for departments to prepare for a unique open house for visiting high school students.

This Monday is Science Experience Day in the Ken Olsen Science Center. It's a time for visiting students to meet current students as they work on science experiments together and meet our amazing professors. We asked a few of them how they prepare for their department open-house experiments. Here are some replies:

"I run to BJ's to pick up up 12 pounds of Crisco, one of the materials used to make our BGB-20 EcoSoap."
Irv Levy, professor of chemistry

"I wash black spandex outfits, attach taupe tape to reflective markers, and calibrate the cameras."
Jessica Ventura, assistant professor of kinesiology

"I'm reviving my pillbugs--they've been in the cold room since October. They are looking very happy."
Craig Story, professor of biology

Photo: Dr. Story analyzes his recent biology thaw-out.

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