Thursday, January 20, 2011

Involvement, Leadership and Success at Gordon College

Katy Reigart will never forget her first overnight visit to Gordon when a current student made her hot chocolate in the lounge, shared her college experience and asked questions about Katy’s own college plans.

Reigart, a senior Christian ministries major from Exeter, New Hampshire, believes her initial Gordon experience not only set the tone for entering college but also influenced her to be a leader for Gordon’s incoming student programs.

In addition to being an Orientation leader for the last three years, she’s participated in mission trips and currently works for the Admissions Office.

“I was welcomed by current students and professors with an attitude of ‘I’m here to help,’ and it’s been my goal to have that same openness toward prospective students and new students alike,” says Reigart. “I realize getting involved and feeling connected is so important to the transition from high school to college.”

One of the ways Reigart connected was through a mission trip to Wales with the Christian Ministries Department her freshman year. They visited schools and held youth events with the intent of starting conversations about Christianity in the post-Christian country.

“I felt like we bonded as a department on that trip,” Reigart says. “Getting to know my professors on a personal level in the context of missions showed me how they operate in the field. It also showed me they care deeply about my well-being and success.”

Because of her first-year student leadership experiences, Reigart hopes to work on a college campus after she graduates. “There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than helping students think big about the opportunities awaiting them,” Reigart says. “I know involvement is the first step, and I look forward to continuing to be part of that process.”

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