Monday, January 10, 2011

A Community of Adaptability

Harold "Dewey" Jones '74 tells us that "education is the family business" and Gordon was the foundational link for this exciting career path--not only for himself, but also his sons.

“When I was a student, my teachers and fellow students stood firm on three elements: our faith, our education, and the importance of family,” says Dewey Jones. “Gordon was my three-legged stool.” Now working as a teacher at Mid-Vermont Christian School and as a fulltime pastor in New Hampshire, Dewey believes Gordon’s liberal arts curriculum fostered “a community of adaptability, so you could be prepared for many different things.” Along with his Bible major he also studied history, German and six terms of Greek. But what Dewey remembers most fondly about Gordon was the unique community formed by students and professors. “You knew you were part of a lifelong community.”

Two of Dewey’s sons are also Gordon alumni, and also teachers—one at Trinity Christian Academy in Virginia and the other at Portsmouth Christian Academy in New Hampshire. Dewey’s youngest son, a first-year student at Gordon, is a history major who just took his first Bible course. “It’s been so exciting to share the experience with him.”

Watch the video interview here.

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