Monday, January 31, 2011

Improvements for Students--New Meal Point Transfer Program

Gordon College announces the launch of a new Gordon College transfer meal point program for students. The program will give students the ability to transfer dining service credit to other students online. "Gordon has always allowed students to sell or give meal points to one another," said Ron Hilton, director of Auxiliary Services. "I don't think there's another school in the country that allows this, but we view it as another way students can tailor their board plan to their specific needs."


News from the Ken Olsen Science Center--Student Contributions to the Medical Field

Chemistry student Carl Quinion's summer research work is receiving some international attention. Quinion, now in his senior year, has spent the last two summers doing research under the direction of Dr. Robert Baiocchi at Ohio State University's Comprehensive Cancer Center. The research focused on a new possible treatment option for patients with mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), an extremely aggressive cancer. The treatment consists of a combination of two highly selective drugs and is shown to be highly effective in both in vivo (in a living organism) and in vitro studies. The importance of this research is highlighted by the fact that MCL is generally considered incurable. With the support of this data, phase-1 clinical trials have begun.

Quinion's many hours of dedication have resulted in the coauthorship of a paper published in a national medical journal by the American Society of Hematology.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Small Groups with Big Conversations

Spiritual Life Groups on campus are a great way for our campus community to learn from one another, pray together and enjoy the fellowship of shared Christian faith—and Gordon’s small groups are a great opportunity for student engagement. Lead by students, faculty and staff members, small groups meet once a week at various locations on campus. Each group will discuss a specific issue over the course of a semester.

The Chapel's theme this spring focuses on spiritual disciplines. “There are many Christian practices–disciplines–that occur when we meet together in small groups," said Laurie Truschel, director of student ministries. “That list includes disciplines of study, fellowship, submission, confession and friendship."

Gordon College Student Ministries (GCSM) offers Spiritual Life Groups for the Gordon community each semester. “As we are called the body of Christ, we need to be connecting with one another in ways that promote transparency, accountability, spiritual growth and encouragement in a loving and safe environment," said Truschel, "All for the glory of God."

Groups begin meeting in February. "Being in a small group has opened my eyes to things that I wasn't thinking about in my walk with Jesus," said Dre Santos, a first year student from Ansonia, CT. Santos, a double-major in social work and Christian ministries, has great friends in his community at Lewis Hall, but wanted to expand his circle and was intrigued by the topics small groups offered. He joined his first small group last fall and plans to sign up for another one this semester. "My small group truly helped me become a better Christian."
For a listing of small groups for the spring semester, visit the GCSM page on the Gordon website.

Photo: Dre Santos is studying Global Christianity and social work at Gordon. He's pictured here (center) with some of his friends on campus.


Monday, January 24, 2011

A BIG Move--New Days in the Ken Olsen Science Center

Since 1980 Gordon's Physics Department has delivered most of its programming in an all-purpose lab in MacDonald Hall, supported by a small optics lab and workshop on the first floor. It was a similar story for math and computer science faculty. Those days are all about to change. Today a walk down the newly opened second floor of the Ken Olsen Science Center reveals brightly colored moving cases lining the walls and busy faculty members filling new offices with books, papers and personal belongings.


Part of Something Bigger-- Faculty and staff get involved with local churches

In spite of urban myths portraying New Englanders as cold, solitary, and indifferent, we can't seem to find those traits here. Quite the opposite actually. Gordon faculty and staff see it as a duty and privilege to engage with the local and broader church community. We've seen this commitment recently through the contributions of faculty in the North Point Evangelical Presbyterian Church video series Every Square Inch; at the annual Symposiums on Youth Ministry, as in our home churches and personal ministries.

It was in this spirit of service that Bob Whittet, associate professor of Christian ministries, and  Daniel O'Connell, director of student financial services, drove to Emmanuel Baptist Church in Norfolk to speak at a Financial Aid and College Transition Seminar this month. The event aimed to help parents and graduating high school students gain a better understanding of the college transition process from both financial and personal perspectives. "We went to provide a service," explained Whittet, who heads Gordon's Church Relations Office. "It wasn't a commercial for Gordon College but rather a time to share our knowledge." Whittet and O'Connell spoke in general terms aimed to help families preparing for the college search process. And by all accounts, they were tremendously successful.

Emmanuel's youth pastor, Mike McGarry, followed the event with a glowing endorsement to others employed in the youth ministry field. "This really was a great night--a total win for our youth ministry and families. If you're looking for an opportunity to give practical help to families and to connect with parents, seriously consider contacting Gordon College about inviting some people to your church for something like this. One of the best parts: I only had to buy some snacks and unlock the doors . . . they did the rest (for free!)."

Whittet welcomes the possibility of other invitations (they have already received a new request to speak at a church in Bolton, Massachusetts). "It's important to be reminded that we are part of something bigger; we are part of the Body of Christ. Gordon College has talents to share. We are not a church, but we can impact and come alongside churches by providing support and leadership."


Friday, January 21, 2011

Free Shuttle Service for Students

A new student shuttle service will soon be available to students at Gordon College. To begin, the service will be introduced on a limited basis with anticipation of expanded hours next year. Home base for the shuttle service is Endicott College—the Beverly residential college campus is partnering with Gordon College to extend their service to our Wenham location. The service is free with a Gordon College ID.

Services will begin Thursday, January 27, and will include a stop at Endicott College, Montserrat College in the artist district of downtown Beverly, the Depot train station on Rantoul Street, Beverly, the North Shore Shopping Center in Peabody and the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers. “This new service will allow students to see the community around Gordon and really take advantage of where we live on the North Shore,” says Alyssa Maine, a senior communication arts major.

The Endicott-Gordon shuttle can seat 30 passengers, is equipped with a bathroom, has Wi-Fi on board, and is handicap accessible. Gordon’s shuttle stop will be located in the A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel parking lot. The shuttle is also equipped with GPS tracking. Though the satellite feed reports a slight delay, students will be able to view the general location of the moving shuttle—another feature we think students will appreciate.

“I am one of the few people in my close group of friends with a car,” says Amber Felder, of the Gordon College Student Association. “Knowing I will no longer be their only option for a ride is great.” Jesse Adams, student body president, agrees. “I’m pretty sure students without cars get tired of asking their friends for rides. This shuttle bus is a big need for our student body.” The service will also provide free transportation for friends and family who are visiting or staying the weekend on campus. If you have a sibling visiting and you want to take them to one of Cabot Street’s many cafes or restaurants, they will be able to ride the shuttle free of charge with your accompanying ID card.

Scheduling details and shuttle stop locations are available for viewing on the Gordon College website. We hope you are excited about this new shuttle program and we’re thankful for the partnership opportunity with Endicott College.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Involvement, Leadership and Success at Gordon College

Katy Reigart will never forget her first overnight visit to Gordon when a current student made her hot chocolate in the lounge, shared her college experience and asked questions about Katy’s own college plans.

Reigart, a senior Christian ministries major from Exeter, New Hampshire, believes her initial Gordon experience not only set the tone for entering college but also influenced her to be a leader for Gordon’s incoming student programs.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reconnecting--Community, Friends and a Love for Design

With residence halls opening yesterday afternoon and classes beginning tomorrow, students are excited to be back on campus and in the college community they refer to as home. Students are reconnecting with each other, registering for last minute classes and getting ready for a fresh semester.

Annalise Midland, of Staten Island, New York, visits with her Design 4 instructor, Tim Ferguson Sauder, before the rush of day-one begins. Midland, a senior art major, stopped by the Return Design studio--home base for graphic design students--to discuss an ongoing project for her internship client. Ready to jump back into campus life, she wanted to share her art ideas from break with faculty and talk about ways to incorporate it into this semester's graphic design work.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Remembrance: John D. Mason, Professor Emeritus of Economics

John Mason, professor emeritus of economics at Gordon, went home to be with the Lord Saturday evening, January 15, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He is survived by his wife, Sherrie, his daughters Iana and Noni, eleven grandsons and one granddaughter.

John came to Gordon College in 1968 and was the founder of the Department of Economics and Business. He was admired by many students for his interests in poverty and urban communities. Before his retirement from full-time teaching in 2007, he was instrumental in helping to launch Gordon's urban studies program in Boston. For years he served as a board member and as an advisor for Boston's Emmanuel Gospel Center.

Stephen Smith, chair of the Economics and Business Department, observes that "it would be hard to overestimate John's influence among the past two generations of Christian economists. He impressed on generations of students the importance of harnessing economics principles to fight poverty and of diligently seeking justice and stewardship. His winsome vision for how Christian economists could serve the Church inspired the creation of the Association of Christian Economists. His personal example of selfless service and teaching encouraged many. We will sorely miss his presence and friendship."

A memorial service for John will be held at 10 A.M. on Saturday, January 22, at Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church (188 Elliott Street, Danvers, MA). Fr. Malcolm Reid, former philosophy professor at Gordon and a longtime friend of John and his family, will officiate at the service.


Monday, January 10, 2011

A Community of Adaptability

Harold "Dewey" Jones '74 tells us that "education is the family business" and Gordon was the foundational link for this exciting career path--not only for himself, but also his sons.

“When I was a student, my teachers and fellow students stood firm on three elements: our faith, our education, and the importance of family,” says Dewey Jones. “Gordon was my three-legged stool.” Now working as a teacher at Mid-Vermont Christian School and as a fulltime pastor in New Hampshire, Dewey believes Gordon’s liberal arts curriculum fostered “a community of adaptability, so you could be prepared for many different things.” Along with his Bible major he also studied history, German and six terms of Greek. But what Dewey remembers most fondly about Gordon was the unique community formed by students and professors. “You knew you were part of a lifelong community.”

Two of Dewey’s sons are also Gordon alumni, and also teachers—one at Trinity Christian Academy in Virginia and the other at Portsmouth Christian Academy in New Hampshire. Dewey’s youngest son, a first-year student at Gordon, is a history major who just took his first Bible course. “It’s been so exciting to share the experience with him.”

Watch the video interview here.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Improvements for our Students

Over winter break, significant improvements have been made to the A.. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel, the primary venue for major community events, large-scale lectures, concert performances and services. Floors have new carpeting, walls have fresh paint and most notably, a new sound system is being installed throughout the sanctuary. Though sub-woofers are currently en route from Paris, most of the components have arrived and installation has begun. The new sound system will provide highly intelligible speech throughout the hall and will also support a range of musical performances. The College community looks forward to its first Chapel service of the spring semester.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Wishing our students, alumni, parents, faculty/staff, supporters and friends a wonderful New Year.