Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Research, Experiments and New Trends in Biology

Dr. Craig Story, from the Department of Biology, attended the American Society of Cell Biology meeting in Philadelphia last week. He shares news from the field below and highlights from his trip.
"This year marked the 50th annual meeting of the American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB). The society has 10,000 members from a variety of scientific fields and it was my first experience attending. It was great to hear talks on such a wide variety of topics in cellular biology. The meeting also hosted seminars on teaching science, which as a professor of biology, I found interesting and very useful. The meeting also provided some great networking in the field. I met some of the people I went to graduate school with, as well a fellow scientist from my post-doc years at Harvard Medical School. It was a chance to hear about experiments, research and new trends in the field. There were a number of Nobel Prize-winning scientists in attendance as well, and it was inspirational to hear stories of how their discoveries came about. This included Martin Chafie, the scientist who first used "green fluorescent protein" in his research--a technique that has proven very useful, and which I myself have used. Some of the exciting recent developments in cell biology include a greater understanding of cell membrane dynamics, and details of a process called autophagy (literally: "self eating"). Autophagy is implicated in a number of human diseases, and fascinatingly is even involved in the process of aging. While in Philadelphia, I also took the opportunity to meet with two alumni, Johnny Stoeckle '07 and Andrew Luhrs '07 who are long-time best friends and my former students. Today they are both in their second year of medical school at Temple University.
Dr. Story on Gordon's marine biology boat in nearby CapeAnn.
Photo 2:
Johnny Stoeckle and Andrew Luhrs show Dr. Story around the new medical building at Temple University School of Medicine where they are in their second year.  The 2007 application year was a big one for Gordon health professions applicants: Including Johnny and Andrew, there are six students from that application year currently attending medical school, four are in PA (Physician Assistant) school, and one is in dental school. 

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