Monday, December 13, 2010

Provost Film Series: Discussing "The Cove"

The Cove, the academy award-winning documentary, was this month's feature film at the recent Provost Film Series event. The documentary told the story of a small cove in Taiji, Japan, with a high distribution culture for selling dolphin meat. In the film a group of environmentalists seek to uncover the fortified cove and educate viewers on this area of Japan’s economy.

The Provost Film Series is followed by a panel discussion and challenges students to share their reflections. The Cove panel was led by Craig Story, professor of biology. Honing in on the ethical and moral issues the movie brought to light, Story asked questions of the audience on subjects like human character, animal souls and the propaganda the film embodied. Aleah Tarnoviski, a junior from Pennsylvania, commented on the post-film discussion: “It was fascinating to hear how students, after watching the same movie, have such different conclusions.” Feedback from the film varied across the board depending on students’ area of academic study, perspective and interest—it was an excellent example of the kind of civil discourse Gordon’s campus community offers.

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