Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Freedom to Wonder

Students through a vast array of academic disciplines write photojournals for their department webpages to help authentically describe their major’s subculture and community. A newly published photojournal by recent graduate Meg Lynch ’10 is a great example. We especially enjoy her entry titled “Freedom to Wonder.” Here is an excerpt: “There is definitely a freedom here to ask difficult questions and wrestle with big issues. Professors often ask controversial questions, facilitate discussion and then leave us with the Lord to work out the issue. They want us to come to conclusions on our own but make themselves available to talk, answer questions and listen. I know professors do this to help us grow stronger in our understanding and in our faith. This overall freedom to question within the safe walls of a Christian environment encourages deep growth and a self-motivation among students who work hard for the intrinsic value of it.”

Meg Lynch followed her dream and went on a summer tour following graduation. She’s now working for Hendrickson Publishers as a marketing assistant and continues to write songs and perform for audiences throughout the Boston Metro area.

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