Monday, November 22, 2010

Volunteer Journal helps Students Share Opinions

The Vox Populi, a Gordon student publication, hit campus this month and features stories such as "Manhood vs Personhood"; "Reflections on Love and India"; "Running from Comfort"; "Becoming Compassionate Rulers"; and others.

The Vox Populi, Latin for "the voice of the people," is a regular journal that prioritizes helping students craft opinion pieces into publishable articles. John Mirisola, a senior English major, serves as editor-in-chief of the all-volunteer student publication. "The writing team tries to give personalized, concrete editorial help to every student who submits," said Mirisola. "We do this so every student--not just English and communication arts majors, or people who already view writing as a strength--will be able to use The Vox as a tool to share their thoughts and opinions and open up a dialogue with the Gordon community." The Vox was founded by students in the English major and is a Gordon College Student Association (GCSA) publication.

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